Easy Grilled Cauliflower Steak Recipe

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Are you looking for a delicious and healthy vegetarian dish? Look no further! In this article, we will share a simple and flavorful recipe for Grilled Cauliflower Steak. Get ready to savor the smoky and tender goodness of cauliflower with a delightful blend of spices. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a cooking enthusiast, this recipe is perfect for you.

So, fire up the grill, and let’s get started on this mouthwatering journey. If you are looking for other delicious plant-based items to BBQ, you can check out my full vegan grilling recipe collection here.

Ingredients & Substitutions

In this vegan-friendly recipe for Easy Grilled Cauliflower Steak, the main ingredient is a large head of cauliflower (or 2 small heads). To enhance the flavors, you’ll need olive oil, onion powder, nutritional yeast (or vegan Parmesan alternative), garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper. These spices add depth and deliciousness to the cauliflower steaks without compromising the vegan aspect.

For those looking for a cheesy element, you have the option to include grated vegan mozzarella cheese as an optional ingredient. It provides a creamy and melty texture that complements the dish perfectly. As for garnishing, fresh herbs like parsley or basil can be used to add a vibrant touch and elevate the presentation.

If you don’t have nutritional yeast on hand, don’t worry! You can substitute it with vegan Parmesan cheese, which offers a similar savory taste. Remember to check the label to ensure it’s free from animal products. Additionally, instead of vegan mozzarella, you can use other vegan cheese alternatives to achieve a cheesy melt.

Feel free to customize the spice blend according to your taste preferences. If you enjoy a bit of heat, consider adding a pinch of cayenne pepper or chili flakes to the mix. Remember, as a vegan food blog, we encourage creativity and adaptation to suit individual preferences. Enjoy the flexibility of this recipe and make it your own!

Helpful Tools

  • Grill: A grill, whether it’s a charcoal grill or a gas grill, is the primary tool you’ll need to cook the cauliflower steaks to perfection. Make sure it’s preheated to medium/high heat (around 375 degrees) before you start grilling.
  • Small Bowl: You’ll need a small bowl to mix the oil and spice mixture. It makes it easier to coat the cauliflower steaks evenly before grilling.
  • Basting Brush: A basting brush will help you brush the oil mixture onto both sides of the cauliflower steaks, ensuring they are well-coated and infused with flavor.
  • Tongs: Tongs are essential for flipping the cauliflower steaks on the grill. They provide a firm grip and prevent any accidents or damage to the steaks.
  • Spatula: A spatula can be helpful when removing the grilled cauliflower steaks from the grill, especially if they’re topped with melted vegan mozzarella cheese. It ensures the steaks stay intact and are transferred to the serving plate with ease.
  • Serving Plate: Choose a nice serving plate to showcase your beautifully grilled cauliflower steaks. Presentation matters, and a well-chosen plate can enhance the overall dining experience.

How to Make Cauliflower Steak

Start by preparing the cauliflower. Remove the leaves, but keep the stem intact. Slice the cauliflower in half, right down the center of the stem. Create a flat surface by cutting off the sides or ends. Save the extra cauliflower for another recipe.

cauliflower cut into slices

In a small bowl, combine olive oil, nutritional yeast (or vegan Parmesan), onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper. Mix well to create a flavorful oil mixture.

Using a basting brush, generously coat both sides of each cauliflower steak with the oil mixture. Ensure they are evenly coated to enhance the taste.

cauliflower steaks marinade on white plate

Place the cauliflower steaks directly on the grill grates. Cover the grill to create a controlled cooking environment. Cook for 5-6 minutes per side or until the steaks become tender.

Optional: When the cauliflower is almost ready, sprinkle grated vegan mozzarella cheese on top of each steak. Let it melt and create a cheesy layer of goodness.

grilled cauliflower steaks on BBQ

Carefully remove the grilled cauliflower steaks from the grill using tongs or a spatula. Transfer them to a serving plate, ensuring they remain intact.

For a finishing touch, garnish the cauliflower steaks with your favorite fresh herbs, such as parsley or basil. This adds a pop of color and freshness to the dish.

grilled cauliflower steaks on plate

Serve the Easy Grilled Cauliflower Steaks immediately while they’re still warm and flavorful. Enjoy this delicious and healthy vegan dish!

Tips & Tricks

  • Selecting the cauliflower: Choose a large head of cauliflower or two small heads that are fresh and firm. Look for cauliflower with compact florets and vibrant green leaves for the best flavor and texture.
  • Preparing the grill: Preheat the grill to medium/high heat and make sure the grates are clean. This prevents sticking and ensures even cooking.
  • Slicing the cauliflower: When slicing the cauliflower, be careful not to remove too much of the stem. It helps hold the steaks together while grilling. Save any extra cauliflower for other recipes.
  • Coating the steaks: Use a basting brush to generously coat both sides of each cauliflower steak with the oil mixture. This helps infuse the steaks with flavor and prevents them from drying out.
  • Grilling time: Cook the cauliflower steaks for 5-6 minutes per side or until they become tender. Keep an eye on them to avoid overcooking, as cauliflower can quickly become mushy.
  • Adding vegan mozzarella: If using vegan mozzarella cheese, add it towards the end of grilling and allow it to melt. This creates a deliciously cheesy topping for the steaks.
  • Garnishing with herbs: Sprinkle fresh herbs, such as parsley or basil, on top of the cauliflower steaks before serving. The herbs add a pop of freshness and enhance the visual appeal of the dish.
  • Serving suggestions: Grilled cauliflower steaks can be enjoyed as a main course or as a side dish. Pair them with a refreshing salad or serve alongside your favorite vegan protein for a complete meal.

FAQ: Grilled Cauliflower Steak

Can I make this recipe without a grill?

Absolutely! While grilling adds a smoky flavor, you can still achieve delicious results by using a grill pan or even baking the cauliflower steaks in the oven. Adjust the cooking time and temperature accordingly.

How do I know when the cauliflower steaks are tender?

The cauliflower steaks should be fork-tender when they’re done. You can test their doneness by inserting a fork or knife into the center of a steak. If it goes in easily and the cauliflower feels soft, they’re ready to be removed from the grill.

Can I make this recipe gluten-free?

This recipe is naturally gluten-free. However, if you plan to top the cauliflower steaks with vegan mozzarella, make sure to choose a brand that is certified gluten-free.

Can I make this recipe ahead of time?

Grilled cauliflower steaks are best enjoyed fresh off the grill to retain their texture and flavor. However, you can prepare the oil mixture and slice the cauliflower in advance to save time. Just coat the steaks with the oil mixture right before grilling.

Can I freeze the leftover cauliflower steaks?

While it’s technically possible to freeze the cooked cauliflower steaks, their texture may change upon thawing and reheating. We recommend enjoying them fresh for the best taste and texture.

Can I use different spices or seasonings?

Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with different spices and seasonings to suit your taste preferences. Add a pinch of your favorite herbs or spices to customize the flavor profile of the cauliflower steaks.

How can I prevent the cauliflower steaks from sticking to the grill?

To prevent sticking, make sure the grill grates are clean and well-oiled before placing the cauliflower steaks on them. Additionally, avoid flipping the steaks too early. Let them develop a slight crust before turning to ensure they release easily from the grill.

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Easy Grilled Cauliflower Steak Recipe

This Easy Grilled Cauliflower Steak recipe offers a delicious and healthy vegan dish. With smoky flavors and a blend of spices, these tender cauliflower steaks are perfect for a satisfying meal.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes
Course Appetizer, bbq, Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4


  • 1 large head cauliflower (or 2 small)
  • 2-3 tbsp olive oil
  • ½ tsp onion powder
  • 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (or parm)
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp smoked paprika
  • salt and pepper to taste



  • Pre-heat the grill to medium/high heat around 375 degrees.
  • Remove leaves from the cauliflower, but do not remove the stem. Slice the cauliflower in half, right down the center of the stem. Cut the sides or ends off to create a flat surface. Be careful not to remove too much, and save this part of the cauliflower for another recipe. Slice those two pieces in half to create your "steaks". (See images above for a visual)
  • In a small bowl, mix together the olive oil, nutritional yeast or parm, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt and pepper.
  • Brush both side of each cauliflower steak with the oil mixture and place directly on the grill. Cover, and cook for 5-6 minutes per side or until they are tender. When the cauliflower is just about ready, carefully add the shredded mozzarella on top of each "steak". Allow that to melt, and serve with your favourite herbs for garnish. Enjoy!


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This Easy Grilled Cauliflower Steak recipe is a delightful addition to any vegan’s repertoire. With its smoky flavors, tender texture, and a harmonious blend of spices, it offers a satisfying and healthy meal option.

Whether you’re grilling for a weeknight dinner or entertaining guests, these cauliflower steaks are sure to impress. So fire up the grill, follow the simple steps, and enjoy the mouthwatering experience of this flavorful vegan dish!

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